trump is poopy

a botched skin graft on the body politic, oozing poo, emanating that growingly obvious
stench of hate and incompetence that precedes all failed or purposefully failed states

we gather here at the gallows to share the experience

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wat is this interwebsite ???

the president elect is a threat to all citizens, including you. the pluralistic foundation of what was 'meruca, however tenuous, is now threatened as it never has been.

it is hard to describe how terrible trump is

as this bad timeline unfolds it seems each day is a new barrage of terribility in the forms of racism, xenophobia, misogyny, ignorance, contempt of law, lies and slander and it comes so fast that it is hard to keep track

and so a shared document is needed to track

each and every piece of poop that emanates from the orange facist and the sycophants that surrond him

and some of it is news and upstanding

and some of the content is humorous because

we are at the gallows

ok i want to add poo