trump is poopy

a botched skin graft on the body politic, oozing poo, emanating that growingly obvious
stench of hate and incompetence that precedes all failed or purposefully failed states

we gather here at the gallows to share the experience

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trump is poopy, original track
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an authoritarian racist who said that he wants to torture again, kill the innocent families of terroristss (said 'terrorists' not having been convicted) ban people from Islamic countries from travelling to the US, build a wall to keep out Mexican migrants/rapists, who boasted about a history of sexual assault, claims he will start breaking WTO rules and economic sanity by imposing a 35% tax on imports, who doesn't have a basic understanding of the consitution or government, has already attacked the validity of the election with allegation of 'millions' of illegal votes, who has appointed a white supremacist to an extremely senior post, has seen a massive increase in hate crimes and open racism, and who ignores or actively attacks many functions or safeguards of government. Oh, and who has been called a massively frequent liar by his own lawyers whilst they were under oath, as well as being deplorable enough that large numbers of his own party withdrew their own endorsement of him for president.
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Bristol Stool Chart (CC-BY-SA-2.5,2.0,1.0; Released under the GNU Free Documentation License)