trump is poopy

a botched skin graft on the body politic, oozing poo, emanating that growingly obvious
stench of hate and incompetence that precedes all failed or purposefully failed states

we gather here at the gallows to share the experience

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The healthy instincts are to fight or flee – to isolate and extinguish the source or to distance oneself from it. There is a less honorable “third way,” that is to inhale through a scented kerchief until one gets accustomed to the smell and treats it as normal. Most Americans already have chosen that third path.

from How Autocracy Will Come To America, by Micheal Brenner


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Emboldened by Mr. Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party, Mr. Forney said he expected people openly associated with the white nationalist movement to run as candidates in the 2018 midterm elections. The rise of populism and the decline of political correctness, he said, present a rare opportunity.

from White Nationalists Celebrate ‘an Awakening’ After Donald Trump’s Victory in the New York Times


[A] Neo-populist leader now relies heavily on the use of the innovations in the field of mass communication and, in particular, that of television. But it required that the leader know how to use these tools to meet their interests, how to make them work for him and how tobe always vigilant in order not to let the media turn into a double-edged weapon. Given this interdependence between the leader and the media, especially television, many experts have labeled as neo- populism, in fact, a tele-populism.

We observe, therefore, that the neo-populism has made the transition from a direct address to one mediated by technical means from new technologies of mass communication

from SOME_CHARACTERISTICS_OF_THE_NEO-POPULIST_DISCOURSE, by Razvan Victor Pantelimon, Assist. Prof., PhD, ”Ovidius” University of Constana, Assoc. Prof., PhD, Institute of History, Pontificial Catholic University of Valparaiso, Chile

( more like twit-populism, amirite?)


Well, I think he’s already betrayed working people in terms of making sure, in his view, that Wall Street is in the driver’s seat. And what I mean by that is, is that in an emerging neofascist moment, you have the rule of big business, which is big banks and big corporations. You scapegoat the most vulnerable. It could be Muslims, Mexicans, gay brothers, lesbian sisters, indigenous peoples, black people, Jews and so on. And then you also have militaristic orientations around the world. And so, you see the extension of the repressive apparatus, as those of us who hit the streets, those of us who have been willing to go to jail, we’ve had to recognize we’ll have more coming at us under a Trump administration. But the crucial thing is, is that he had talked about his connection with working people, and it’s clear that the 1 percent are still running things.

Interview 12-1-16, Cornell West


There will be rebels. They will live in the shadows. They will be the renegade painters, sculptors, poets, writers, journalists, musicians, actors, dancers, organizers, activists, mystics, intellectuals and other outcasts who are willing to accept personal sacrifice. They will not surrender their integrity, creativity, independence and finally their souls. They will speak the truth. The state will have little tolerance of them. They will be poor. The wider society will be conditioned by mass propaganda to write them off as parasites or traitors. They will keep alive what is left of dignity and freedom. Perhaps one day they will rise up and triumph. But one does not live in poverty and on the margins of society because of the certainty of success. One lives like that because to collaborate with radical evil is to betray all that is good and beautiful. It is to become a captive. It is to give up the moral autonomy that makes us human. The rebels will be our hope.


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I recently (always) was looking for a new pair of shoes and considered customizing them in this way.
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This is a (dark) joy. All the madness you feel, you can now let it out and it’s okay. The very point of Trump is to validate the pleasure of spouting shit, the joy of pure emotion, often anger, without any sense. And an audience which has already spent a decade living without facts can now indulge in a full, anarchic liberation from coherence.

from Why We're Post Fact in Granta, by Peter Pomerantsev


Now is the time to resist the slightest extension in the boundaries of what is right and just. Now is the time to speak up and to wear as a badge of honor the opprobrium of bigots. Now is the time to confront the weak core at the heart of America’s addiction to optimism; it allows too little room for resilience, and too much for fragility. Hazy visions of “healing” and “not becoming the hate we hate” sound dangerously like appeasement. The responsibility to forge unity belongs not to the denigrated but to the denigrators. The premise for empathy has to be equal humanity; it is an injustice to demand that the maligned identify with those who question their humanity.

Excerpt from 'NOW IS THE TIME TO TALK ABOUT WHAT WE ARE ACTUALLY TALKING ABOUT' in December 2016 edition of the New Yorker Magazine, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie